Wild Country Helium Carabiner

A full frame and traditional sized carabiner, the Wild Country Helium feels and operates like a much lighter tool would. Combine that with one of the most innovative and smart locking and wire gate setup and you have a tool that deserves a prominent spot and every single one of your climbing harnesses.

Wild Country Helium Carabiner Review

It’s called the half inch heart attack. The last thing you want have happen when scaling a new face or hitting the rock jam gym is your rope to slip. There might not be a more disturbing feeling in all of climbing than that of your rope slipping and sliding or giving out while you’re scaling. If you’re serious about making sure this never happens you, and want to speed up your transition process as you move from rope to rope, then you need to seriously consider what the Wild Country Helium has offer.

Wild Country Helium Review — First Impressions

The first thing that’s going to hit you right out of the box when looking at the Wild Country Helium is the new design, but that’s only after you get over the initial sticker shock. Easily one of the most expensive carabiners on the marketplace, this is a high-quality tool recommends a high quality price. While you probably won’t break the bank investing in it, if you been used to buying lower quality what lesser-known carabiners in the past you might want to sit down before you place an order for the brand-new Wild Country Helium.

Wild Country Helium Video Review

Easy climbing of the face all starts with the nose

The real game breaker for the brand-new Wild Country Helium, at least according to most climbing gear reviews, has to be the hooded nose design. One of the most innovative and breakthrough choices, the new put it nose helps protect the gate getting kicked open or hung up when you’re moving from rope to rope. All too many standard carabiners get hung up on this easy transition, and not only expose you on the face longer than you need to be, but can also be a real hassle and fatigue are for something that should be so simple and straightforward. One of the only wire gate carabiner tools that easily unhook from hangers, the way this gate is designed makes things easier and easier to clip, unclip, and re-clip on any assent regardless of how steep the incline.

Not lighter than air but pretty close

The other thing we really love about this carabiner is the fact that it’s one of the lightest full size carabiners on the marketplace. While you might not notice exactly how much weight you saving over more traditional carabiner setups, we have more than a handful attached your belt you’ll definitely appreciate the savings. The other factor where weight plays a role is when you have been climbing for a while and start to fatigue. Nothing gives you more confidence in knowing that you’ll be able to open the gate, reach the rope, and clip securely than having a featherweight carabiner on your rig. While it might not actually be the lightest carabiner on the marketplace, it certainly feels incredibly light for being a full-size carabiner.

Get a grip

One of the last things we want to touch on in this carabiner review is the fact that the back beam spine designed make this carabiner super simple to get a good handle on. Without taxing your grip strength of forcing you into an onboard whole position, you’ll be able to grab, grip, and clip this carabiner anywhere on your climb.

Sometimes too big is too big

Because of the larger nose on the full frame carabiner, it can be a little bit hard to get in and out some anchor points, larger ropes, or small hole hangers that used to be popular. This may or may not be a problem depending on your own climbing set up, but it’s deftly something to keep an eye on.

Wild Country Helium Specs

Shape: offset-D
Locking: no
Gate Type: wire
Nose Type: keylock
Major Axis Strength: 24 kN
Minor Axis Strength: 9 kN
Open Gate Strength: 10 kN
Weight: 1.2 oz
Recommended Use: sport, trad, aid, and alpine climbing
Manufacturer Warranty: 1 year
MSRP: $12.95


Easily one of the most expensive carabiners that you find on the marketplace, you’d still be hard-pressed to find any climbing gear reviews that didn’t talk highly about the Wild Country Helium. Designed from the ground up to give you the kind of complete control you need when you’re making an assent, everything about this innovative product gives you an edge when you’re looking to climb. If you’re serious about climbing this is the kind of product you want hanging on your belt.

Written by Stan Tyan