Under Armour Catalyst Mens Performance Shirt

Under Armour has become synonymous with elite performance, and the Under Armour Catalyst is no different. A proper base layer that can keep you nice and toasty when the mercury drops while still wicking away moisture to keep you dry, this is a wise investment if you’re sick and tired of wool.

Under Armour Catalyst Mens Performance Shirt Review

One of the major problems that we face in the outdoor gear world, is the simple fact that specific, performance built equipment is usually only good at what it does and then terrible at just about everything else. I mean, how many outdoor gear reviews have you ever read where a product is totally taken to task for no other reason other than it being put in a position where it had no chance to excel. There are very few products out there that are super versatile and offer a range of performance enhancements, especially in a world that seems to push specificity and specialization.

None of that describes the Under Armour Catalyst Mens undershirt, one of the most versatile pieces of gear on the market.

Under Armour Catalyst Review — First Impressions

Developed from world famous performance gear producer Under Armour, you probably have a good idea of what you should expect from one of their world-famous tops. Super versatile, incredibly high tech, and manufactured to the highest standards, this is the kind of year that you can rely on is a solid base layer. If there is a major problem with this specific product, it’s a simple fact that it does so many things well, that’s greatness can get lost the shuffle. Though some might say this is just another base layer, this specific Under Armour Catalyst shirt is proving to be anything but.

Under Armour Catalyst Shirt Video Review

Fits like a glove

One of the best things about the Under Armour Catalyst Performance shirt is something that you’re familiar with if you’ve had any performance gear in your closet for any amount of time. Literally becoming a second skin for trapping just enough heat while also wicking away moisture to keep you running at an optimal temperature, this is the T-shirt you can rely on to get you get through even the hardest workouts on super cold days. Combine that with being versatile enough to use as a go around shirt when you’re hitting the trails, and you have a real winner on your hands. The fit is tight without being too constricting, just flexible enough to move around while still noticing that’s there, and offering the kind of feedback that you looking for without getting in the way. I specifically tested this out while climbing, and found it to be more than adequate and just tight enough to keep me warm while letting me get through all my movements with ease.

Pretty serious heat

Along with the super tight fit without being overly constricting comes incredible heat and insulating properties. And what I mean when I’m talking about incredible heat and insulating properties is the same level of wool without any of the weight or bulk. This is a serious cooker, and you’ll definitely start to feel it if you wear it in late spring or early fall, when the weather has yet to really drop. It’s possible to overheat in the Under Armour Catalyst Mens shirt, and is something you need to be aware of.

Definitely a bit of a looker

Though most people will be looking for too much in the looks department when they are deciding on their new base layer, if you do decide to break out the Under Armour Catalyst short-sleeve shirt as a standalone top, they can help to know that it definitely will catch some lookers. Modern looking with a bit of a retro spin, it comes in numerous color options so you’ll always be able to find one that fits you best.

Can feel a little too tight and too hot

If there is a downside, it has to be two of the biggest benefits that are double-edged swords in specific applications. While this is a perfect brisk and chilly weather under layer, you’ll want to stay away from it when the weather is nice. Things can get too hot too fast, and leave you looking to peel it off at the first chance. If you’re looking for more casual and baggy fit this also is not the kind of product for you, as all Under Armour Catalyst reviews will agree that this is specifically purpose built to hug your body.

Under Armour Catalyst Short Sleeve Specs

Material: 100% recycled polyester
Fit: athletic
UPF Rating: 30
Recommended Use: running, working out, protecting houses
Manufacturer Warranty: 30 days
MSRP: $29.99


Purchasing a new base layer should be rocket science, and the Under Armour Catalyst Mens shirt takes almost all the guesswork out of the equation. Smartly designed imperfectly executed, this is a solid investment someone looking to upgrade their base layer options in their closet.

Written by Stan Tyan