Trango UltraTape Alpine Equalizer

If you’re in need of an upgrade to your current sling system or are looking to make sure you start off with the best the industry has to offer, it would be impossible to go without the super high tech weave, strength, ease of use and durability that comes with the Trango Ultratape.

Trango UltraTape Alpine Equalizer Climbing Slings Review

As far as climbing gear goes, you need to know that you have the best possible quality equipment every time you make an ascent. And while much of the focus goes (understandably so) to the safety and technical gear hanging on your belt or harness, there only a handful of items more important than the proper sling. Proving time and time again to be the highest performer of any sling (and with a number of top climbing gear reviews and years of field data to back this up), the Trango UltraTape Alpine Equalizer slings are the ultimate solution for serious and newbie climbers alike.

Trango UltraTape Alpine Equalizer Review — First Impressions

There are couple of things that you should be looking for when purchasing a new sling for your climbing needs, and you find all of them in the Trango UltraTape Alpine Equalizer. Using Dyneema material with a nylon weave, you’ll find that the 12 mm is not the skinniest sling in the world, but feels weightier and stronger than others in the same class. One of the real shockers of the Trango UltraTape Alpine Equalizer is the fact that it has proven and been rated stronger in the 18 mm nylon set up from Black Diamond, where the industry titans. Definitely more expensive than more traditional nylon offerings, there’s a lot to love when talking about the Trango UltraTape Alpine Equalizer.

Trango UltraTape Alpine Equalizer Video Review

Thin is in

While not the skinniest sling in the history of the world, there is definitely significantly less mass to this specific sling than there is with traditional nylon setups. Even though it’s rated at 12 mm, certainly performs a little bit thicker and feels a whole lot stronger than most other middle of the road offerings in the 12 mm sling set up. Definitely not a super skinny set up, the added girth actually plays a powerful role in making it easier to work with when you’re in a harness.

Absolutely one of the toughest in the class

Thanks to the high technology leave of nylon and Dyneema fibers into the product, this specific hybrid solution sling has become easily one of the most durable and reliable slings ever tested. This is mission critical when you climbing, and nothing is more important than being able to trust your gear time in and time out. Almost all climbing gear reviews on the market are beyond favorable when they speak to the lifecycle and low maintenance of keeping your Trango UltraTape Alpine Equalizer in the best possible shape, and this Trango UltraTape Alpine Equalizer review is no different. If you’re looking for gear that’s not going to disappoint you or fail you in a mission-critical spot, then this is the sling to go with. One of the few solutions that we ever worked with that has not frayed inside of a couple of a sessions (other than the minimal wear and tear you would expect), this is a product you need keep your eyes on. As mentioned before, there are a couple of reputable companies that have rated and tested this specific 12 mm sling as stronger than 18 mm strength sling, and it’s absolutely one of the strongest slings we’ve ever put our hands on.

You will definitely have to pay for the performance

Whenever there’s a new tech introduced into the climbing world, the price jumps way up and over the older and more traditional setups, and this is no different. While the Trango UltraTape Alpine Equalizer is not going to break the bank when you invest in it, is certainly more expensive than comparable offerings in size and weight class. This is mostly because of the actual material that the product is made from, and the hybrid we’ve deathly bumps a price up notch. You’re going to feel a hit to your wallet.

Trango UltraTape Alpine Equalizer Specs

Manufacturer Trango
Color Various
Material Dyneema with Spectra
Weight 7 g (5); 15/27/53 g (12/24/48 Slings)
Tensile Strength 25 kN
MSRP: $4.50


Using this is your everyday slang in a multitude of different applications will prove to be no big deal, and we stand by our Trango UltraTape Alpine Equalizer review in saying that this is one of the most powerful and productive products you could invest in for your climbing gear.

Written by Stan Tyan