Suunto Core Altimeter Watch

The Suunto Core Altimeter Watch is a proper timepiece for the serious adventurer. Offering all of the mission critical date you’d need on a purpose built piece of equipment without getting the way, this is a watch you can rely on to help you train and push yourself to new heights – literally.

Suunto Core Altimeter Watch Review

Designed specifically for serious outdoors people, the Suunto Core Altimeter Watch is the kind of product you know you can rely on whether you’re doing shallow diving off the coast of somewhere warm or climbing into the skies on one of the seven highest peaks in the world. As versatile a tool as you’ll find in the altimeter watch world, there is no shortage of Suunto Core Altimeter Watch reviews out there on the Internet claiming that this is the best of the best.

Suunto Core Review — First Impressions

What you notice first and probably most prominently about the all-new Suunto Core Altimeter Watch is the fact that it is well made and incredibly attractive. There are a lot of purpose built timepieces with special outdoors functions that look like minicomputers straight out of the 1980s or Falva-Flav sized monstrosities that would tax the stamina of even the most in shape climber or diver. If you’ve been looking for the perfect blend of function and form, you found it in the Suunto Core Altimeter Watch.

But it definitely has the price tag to make you blush.

Suunto Core Altimeter Watch Video Review

Excuse me, do you have the time?

No matter where this is asked of you, you should be able to answer accurately and correctly in just a few moments with a glance at your Suunto Core Altimeter Watch. On the most accurate timekeepers we seen especially in a multifunction device such as this one, you’ll definitely find that time flies (but is kept accurately) on your brand-new watch. There is a bit of a pinch when it comes to telling time though, in that there are only three alarms allowed to be set on your Suunto Core Altimeter Watch at one time. Now while this wouldn’t normally be a major impact way serious consideration, the fact that this limited amount of alarms is also coupled with a weak alarms sound, things can get pretty murky. Aside from that though, all other timekeeping functions work like a champ including a timer and stopwatch, both of which are useful when trying to navigate.

The reason you would buy an altimeter is to use the altimeter

Though some purpose built watches on the marketplace often separate their altimeter from their barometer, the Suunto Core Altimeter Watch reviews has these two bundled together. Measuring elevation in three-foot intervals, this is a perfect blend of functions that gives you a super accurate and incredibly reasonable reading every single time. This also means that no matter how the barometric pressure changes as you move up in elevation these pieces will stay linked together to give you the most accurate current reading possible. This is especially helpful when barometric changes are weather-related, and give you the most up-to-date and relevant information right at your fingertips.

Keeps your data safe

Another major feature of the brand-new Suunto Core Altimeter Watch is the fact that it will record and log in all of your altitude measurements. You have no idea what this kind of access to real-time and specialized data can do for your training your activity levels until you actually have access to it. The kind of game changing technology that you just can’t ignore, this is an incredible tool when you hit the peaks or die below the surface of the water.

While purpose built for underwater excursions, it’s definitely lacking

Though the marketing and packaging for this watch specifically tout underwater ability (such as being waterproof to 100 feet), you should only expect accurate readings up to 30 feet deep and nothing more. Anything after that is almost useless, and really compromises the use of this altimeter when you dip below the water. Not a deal breaker by any means, this is deftly something you should understand when you invest in the watch.

Suunto Core Altimeter Watch Review Specs

Altimeter: yes, usable to 29,500ft (9000m)
Heart Rate Monitor: no
Barometer: yes
Thermometer: yes
Digital Compass: yes
Adjustable Declination: yes
Chronograph: yes
Backlight: yes
Water-Resistant: yes, up to 100ft (30m)
Alarm Type: date, time
Face Size: medium
Recommended Use: casual wear, skiing, mountaineering, navigation
Manufacturer Warranty: 1 year
MSRP: $299.00


As close to perfection as you find in any altimeter timepiece, you will deftly pay a pretty steep price tag when you invest in this watch. Almost $100 more expensive than other comparable offerings, if you can get past the sticker shock and have the money to invest, this is the watch to do it with.

Written by Stan Tyan