Smartwool Midweight Crew Men's Review

Wool products are amongst the most popular pieces of clothing for those serious about the outdoors – and with good reason. A natural fiber that keeps you away from all the problems that synthetics bring as well as being the ultimate performance gear when wet, you’ll find all of wool’s best properties on display with the Smartwool Midweight Crew.

Smartwool Midweight Crew Men's Review

There is no shortage of outerwear products that take traditional elements and looks, spin them with more modern materials and technology, and produce amazing wonders that outperform and outlast the products they are based on. Every single day we are faced with some late breaking and earth shattering modern miracle.

But even still, sometimes you just can’t beat the old dogs -and nowhere is that on display more clearly than with the Smartwool Midweight Crew Men's shirt.

Smartwool Midweight Crew Men's — First Impressions

I need to get this out of the way right off the bat. There is literally no other base layer I would rather wear than the high-level, super soft, performance-based Merino wool long underwear you get when you invest in Smartwool Midweight Crew Men's shirt. It’s just that good.

Using completely all-natural products and only the highest quality wool available to man, this is the kind of super soft wool product you’ve been looking for. Long hailed for its amazing insulation properties (even when completely soaking wet), you can’t be what the Smartwool Midweight Crew Men's shirt has to offer.

I know, I know. We are talking about wool here. You know, that old, scratchy, musty smelling, barnyard material that we used to dread receiving at Christmas time. And yet there was Aunt Mabel, the sheep lady, with yet another pair of fantastic wool socks way scratchy will sweater.

While here to tell you that this ain’t your old lady Mabel’s wool.

Smartwool Midweight Crew Mens Video Review

As comfortable and as soft as cotton

Most impressive thing about the long underwear were reviewing here has to be the fact that there is literally nothing else more comfortable on the market. Designed and produced to the slim fitting with a tight form factor, you’ll find that the product has just enough give and just enough stretching it to break in and feel completely comfortable. Feeling as though it was tailor-made just for your body, you would be impossibly challenged to try and find a better pair of long underwear anywhere on the market.

Sure, there are all kinds of performance materials and super breakthroughs in the textile technology, but literally nothing can come close to Merino wool for its heat, insulation, and comfort properties. Not only that but when you add in the flexibility and mobility of this all-natural fiber to move with you as you move, you have the kind of undershirt that will almost become a second skin form the high heat base layer you need whether you’re climbing, hiking, or doing any other high mobility activity.

Just enough heat

The real problem with base layers however, is a simple fact that too often they heat up beyond what you’re looking for. The last thing you want to do is have your closest layer to your skin become scorching hot forcing you to push off your weather tight shells an effort to cool down. This can almost always spell disaster when you’re out the woods, and there’s almost no product on the market that can hit that sweet spot.

Well that’s just exactly what the Smartwool Midweight Crew Men's shirt does. Outdoor gear reviews all over the net have been raving - completely and totally raving - about what you’re able to leverage with this highly breathable, super moisture wicking, incredibly warm base layer. There are other products that offer comparable service and performance, but none that can come close when you’re talking about this price point.

As close to flawless as you find

You know that I love to give fair and balanced reviews with everything I try, but I can’t find a flaw with this set of underwear. And believe me I looked. Literally everything about it has been smartly designed, well integrated, publicly executed. Even the price point, coming in somewhere around $70, is nothing when you think about what kind of performance and super high level used you’re going to get out of it. As versatile piece of clothing is there is on the market, you are certain to look and feel just as comfortable stepping out for a drink or settling down at camp after a long hike.

Smartwool Midweight Crew Long Underwear Specs

Best use: Multisport
Shirt style: Crew
Fabric type: Wool / wool blend
Fabric: Merino wool
Sun-protective fabric?: Yes
Moisture wicking: Yes
Quick drying: No
Underwear weight: Midweight
Sleeve length: Long sleeve
Gender: Mens
MSRP: $95.00


If you’re looking for real base layer that will change the way that you feel about performance outerwear forever, then you need to look no further than what the Smartwool Midweight Crew Men's shirt has to offer. I know that this Smartwool Midweight Crew Men's review might seem like it’s been gushing a bit, but all it takes is one night (and more likely one hour) to really understand want talking about.

Written by Stan Tyan