Smartwool Hiking Medium Crew Hiking Socks

For hundreds of years wool has been prized for its ability to lock in heat and retain its insulation properties even when wet – and the Smartwool Hiking Medium Crew make the best of those properties for a totally modern spin on this old classic.

Smartwool Hiking Medium Crew Hiking Socks Review

While it might seem a little crazy on the surface to spend between $12-$15 on a single pair of socks, you would only think that if you never owned a pair of Smartwool Hiking Medium Crew socks in your life. Smartly designed and perfectly implemented, these are the kind of socks that you can trust no matter what your activity level will be for the day.

Smartwool Hiking Medium Crew Review — First Impressions

Yeah, we’re talking about socks here.

Maybe one of the most often ignored pieces of outdoor gear made available serious outdoorsman and casual hobbyists alike, there have been some major and significant upgrades in the world of socks.

Still don’t believe me?

You wouldn’t be alone. And yet almost anyone that has stepped out into the woods and spent any amount of time at all in less than ideal weather understands the importance of keeping your feet completely dry and totally toasty on a regular basis. The most essential component to getting in and out of the woods are your feet, and the minute that you start to feel discomfort or start to notice that something is wrong it’s most likely already too late. You’re going to be laid up, drying out your old socks, hoping your feet can find some way just to stay warm and just to stay dry. You’ll lose precious time that you could’ve spent securing a shelter or huffing it out of the woods, but instead you’re tending to your feet.

This is literally never a problem when you wear the Smartwool Hiking Medium Crew.

Smartwool Hiking Medium Crew Hiking Socks Video Review

Super wool

The real big difference that you get to enjoy when you put on Smartwool Hiking Medium Crew socks if the merino wool advantage. Made from the finest stock possible and woven to be a high-performance, cotton like, super comfortable product, Smartwool Hiking Medium Crew socks are not the only product using merino, they’re just the ones using it best.

With super insulating properties to keep your toes as warm as humanly possible (even when totally soaking wet) in temperatures all the way down just about to freezing, the Sox will make sure you stay comfortable. There are a lot of amazing innovations in some of the newer performance fabrics, but nothing can come close to the insulation power of wool when wet.

Nothing new under the sun

If you’re looking for a high-speed low drag brand-new sock, using the latest and greatest tools and technologies as well as space-age materials, you’ve come to the wrong place. Though you would be hard-pressed to find any Smartwool Hiking Medium Crew review that finds fault with this solution, is pretty old-school and you’re not going to win any new friends showing off your socks. However there is a very real reason wool has been able to stand the test of time as a super insulator, and you’d be foolish not to leverage that.

Smartwool Hiking Medium Crew Review Specs

Material: 74% Merino Wool, 25% Nylon, 1% Elastane
Arch: Elasticized arch brace
Sole: WOW Technology in reinforced sole for maximum comfort and durability
Recommended Use: hiking, trekking, camping
MSRP: $19.00


While it’s difficult not to believe that socks are socks and there is just nothing else to it, it would only take a couple afternoons in near freezing temperatures to realize the difference that the Smartwool Hiking Medium Crew mean for your comfort level. Easily one of the best and most cost-effective products on the market and an essential piece of any serious outdoorsman’s bug out bag you’d have to be really strapped for cash to skip investing in the socks.

The other thing that’s great about these Smartwool Hiking Medium Crew socks is that you don’t just have to wear them when you’re out and about on another adventure. Just as effective when you’re kicking around the office, you should have no trouble at all slipping these into your favorite shoes and keeping your toes nice and warm regardless of your activities for the day. A smart investment no matter how you slice it, keeping your feet nice and dry is mission critical every day and all day. Low-tech socks or not, this is definitely a smart place to spend your money. Don’t be surprised if shortly after purchasing you write your own Smartwool Hiking Medium Crew review.

Written by Stan Tyan