Salomon Quest 4D GTX Mens Hiking Boots

Utilitarian and stripped down hiking boots if there ever was a pair, the Salomon Quest 4D GTX are bargain basement priced boots that offer some serious performance and bang for the buck. A worthy addition to your collection for right around $50, you’d have to be nuts to ignore these boots.

Salomon Quest 4D GTX Mens Hiking Boots Review

If you were to poll a million and one very serious and super accomplished outdoors people and asked them what the most important piece of gear they would invest all of their money into, almost every single one would tell you footwear. At the most flashy purchase, not the most fun and exciting purchase, is easily the most important purchase that you’ll make when investing in outdoor equipment.

But how do the Salomon Quest 4D GTX Mens boots stack up against the competition?

Salomon Quest 4D GTX Review — First Impressions

If you’ve been looking for a very utilitarian, completely devoid of razzle dazzle, straightforward and simple boot, you found the perfect answer in the Salomon Quest 4D GTX Mens boots. While certainly not the best boot in the world, and not even the best value when you consider the price tag, these are still solid all-around boots that will protect your feet and give you the kind of performance you’re expecting. Just don’t be expecting these things to do it all.

Salomon Quest 4D GTX Hiking Boots Video Review

Premium fit

If there’s one thing that you’re going to absolutely be knocked out by has to be perfect fit (not to tight but absolutely tight enough to hold your foot snugly and securely), you barely feel like you’re even wearing a pair of boots when you strap these bad boys on your feet. Quite possibly the best fit of any outdoor boot I’ve ever put on my feet, and come to think of it even better than most sneakers or any shoes I’ve ever owned, every single Salomon Quest 4D GTX Mens boots review out there screams from the rooftop about how incredibly comfortable these boots really are.

With just enough padding on the inside without bulking it up to the point of foolishness, or making your shoelaces to tight to really strapping, everything about this boot screams security. Perfect are people looking to get out and do some serious hiking regardless of the terrain up ahead, you’ll never feel against slipping and sliding around inside of your own shoe when you have these strapped to your pounders.

Deftly a little bit light, and especially light on the special features crazy options, this feels more like a shoe than a dozen blue especially in the toebox. Everything is stripped-down and simplified, with zero space wasted on the surface or interior of the boot, you find no-frills fancy additions anywhere on the Salomon Quest 4D GTX Mens boots.

Plain Jane can be a little bit irritating

While simple and straightforward about how simple and straightforward it is, some people are looking for more from their shoes or their boots and will be terribly disappointed in the Salomon Quest 4D GTX Mens boots. Also some of the angles and lines of this specific boot are a little more unorthodox and somewhat unpleasant to deal with. The whole shoe seems to promote an aggressive stance fast movement, and isn’t terribly noticeable while in motion standing still will almost force you to keep moving. It could be that this all changes when it breaks in, but it’s definitely noticeable immediately.

Salomon Quest 4D GTX Review Specs Specs

Best use Hiking
Footwear height Over-the-ankle
Footwear closure Lace-up
Waterproof Yes
Upper Suede leather/nylon
Lining Waterproof breathable membrane/polyester
Midsole Dual-density EVA
Support Thermoplastic urethane plate
Outsole Rubber blend
Average footwear weight (pair) 2 lbs. 13 oz.
Gender Mens
MSRP: $230


For right around $50 at its highest point and often found considerably lower than that, this is the kind of shoe you can trust for all of your hiking and relaxed outdoor activity. As long as you don’t go in with too terribly high expectations for a boot that will change your world forever, and understand exactly what this is: a bare-bones, straightforward, purpose built piece of equipment to keep your foot protected, you should have no troubles at all. A bargain by at any price, there are couple of boots that are better than this and deftly some that are fancier, but if you just looking for someone to kick around and this is the purchase you need to make.

Almost every single Salomon Quest 4D GTX Mens boots review out there is honest and straightforward about what the shoes bring to the table, and hopefully I have been the same. Something simple, something easy to get into, and something with an amazing fit and not too much else these are boots you can rely on boots you should invest in.

Written by Stan Tyan