Reef Fanning Men's Sandal Review

Mick Fanning's signature footwear, comfortable, water friendly synthetic nubuck upper. Contoured compression molded EVA footbed with anatomical arch support. Full 360° heel airbag enclosed in soft polyurethane. Church key to open your soda bottle. Reef icon herringbone rubber outsole.

Reef Fanning Mens Sandal Review

It’s getting close to that time again, where the weather heats up and so do our feet. And while most people will be all too happy to run around barefoot (myself included) whenever possible, sometimes you run into that “no shirt, no shoes, no service” sign that ruins everything. What you need is a good, reliable, and ultra comfortable set of shoes that won’t make you feet hot. And what would be a better pair of shoes to wear been the ultimate summer footwear, Reef Fanning Sandal Men's sandals.

Reef Fanning Mens Sandal Review — First Impressions

look, I get it. We’re talking about sandals here right? You know, those tiny little things that you buy from five bucks at the gas station some bargain basement department store. Simple as they get when it comes to shoes in the ultimate symbol of summer, there is a lot more to buying sandals than meets the eye. And all it takes is a couple of minutes in a pair of Reef Fanning Sandal Men's sandals to really understand want talk about.

Reef Fanning Mens Sandal Video Review

Ultra supportive

if you do decide to go with one of those dollar store options, the odds are you’re going to get a pair of rubber with another strap of rubber looped around punch through the bottom and is cheaper ways possible. Your shoe was good to be flat, your feet are going to feel flat, and you going to have a bad time.

But not with the Reef Fanning Sandal Men's sandals.

Offering the ultra experience in arch support, you never have to worry about your dogs barking regardless of how long you’re walking around in these bad boys. Just as good for tooling around on the beach as it is taking a quick walk in the woods (albeit on pretty nice trails), these definitely are not shoes, but they’re pretty close. Especially comfortable for long distances were hours and hours on your feet, if you sick and tired of the nasty blisters the pain on the bottom and sides of your feet that you’re having from all those cheap sandals, you know where to invest your money.

How about some speed?

Now here’s the real shocker. While it’s almost impossible (ask me how I know) to run around in any pair of sandals, these are one of the few that you can get away with it. You knock it have to curl your toes, you knock and have to spread them to keep the strap on, you knock you have to look with a duck when you do it. Bust out on an all-out sprint just as you normally would and somehow, someway these will stick to your feet. I don’t how and I don’t know why it works, I just know that it does.

No real downsides

since were talking about a pair of flip-flops here, just come as no surprise that these are pretty simple and super straightforward. If you’re planning on buying a new pair of sandals at any point time this summer, you should pay close attention to all of the Reef Fanning Sandal Men's sandals reviews out there and go with the best of the best. Not terribly expensive, not really a deal breaker, you’ll deftly find everything you’re looking for and more in these simple shoes.

One thing that I did notice that can somewhat detract from the experience is the all metal bottle opener sunk into the bottom of one of the shoes. While I personally loved it, some people have found distracting to hear when clicking on the road, but it’s no game changer in any way, shape, or form.


With summer just around the corner, and hot weather soon to follow your need a new pair of high-level sandals. Skip the gas station wannabes with a dimestore cheapo’s and instead invest in a real deal pair of some of the best shoes for hot and sunny weather. Literally the best sandals on the market you cannot go wrong with Reef Fanning Sandal Men's sandals. Maybe not life altering, but it will sure feel that way when you’re strolling around him you.

Written by Stan Tyan