Mountain Khakis Original Mountain Mens Pant

A dream pair of pants regardless of whether you are in the woods or not, these casual Mountain Khakis Original Mountain Pants are a backpacker’s best friend. Made of durable workman-like canvas material that breaks in nicely over time to go from super ridged to incredibly soft, these are a can’t miss product.

Mountain Khakis Original Mountain Mens Pant Review

Easily one of the most overlooked areas of high performance outdoor gear, the clothes you bring into the woods and the clothes that you where will make a tremendous difference in how much fun and comfort you’re able to enjoy on any adventure. While there are purpose built options for activities like climbing, hiking, and kayaking, having a pair of good, well-built and high quality all-purpose pants is a wise investment.

And there’s no better option than the Mountain Khakis Original Mountain Pants.

Mountain Khakis Original Mountain Review — First Impressions

From the moment you take your brand-new Mountain Khakis Original Mountain Pants out of the box, you’ll notice that there’s something a bit different about these performance pants. It might take a couple of seconds until it really sinks in about what is different, but when it does it’ll hit you like a ton of bricks. While too much performance gear looks just like you would expect performance gear to be designed, the brand-new Mountain Khakis Original Mountain Pants look like a regular pair of pants.

And that just might be the very best feature about them.

Mountain Khakis Original Mountain Pant Video Review

Street casual with super woods performance

If you’ve ever been caught in public with performance gear on grabbing some much-needed supplies, just grab in a quick bite to eat before you hit the woods, you’d no doubt seen the look. You know, that look that civilians give us when they don’t quite understand just what the heck is on our bodies. The look that says, “I should probably stay away from that guy, he looks at a real nut”. Where civilians are almost always more concerned with how they look than how they feel, we outdoorsy types understand that often times the reverse is most important when you’re out on adventure.

But to be honest, is no real reason you have to compromise

As any reputable and reliable outdoor clothing reviews will tell you, nothing and I mean nothing is more important than making sure you have everything you need to survive when you’re out the woods. Even the most casual daytrip can quickly get derailed an emergency situation, and you need to know that you’ve prepared to stick things out until you can get help or get out of the mess. And while these Mountain Khakis Original Mountain Pants are not specifically survival pants, they are the kind of pants you can rely on in a pinch to get you out of you jam.

High-level canvas material

With the material that feels like the same stuff Carhart pants are made out of, you would be the first person to feel that these pants are little bit rough-and-tumble. To be honest, they are. A little stiff right out of the box but nothing a good breaking in can’t fix, these pants will eventually wear and mold to your body to feel just like a second skin. Albeit an incredibly durable, tear resistant, and super reliable skin but a second skin all the same.

With pretty standard features regarding the pockets and the placements of belt loops, utility pouches, and sizing, if you’ve ever bought a pair of pants before you’ll have absolutely no trouble buying these. Most all Mountain Khakis Original Mountain Pants reviews out there talk about these pants being just a little bit longer but dead set on the waist size, so should order accordingly. Worst comes a worst, I’d recommend that you order your own specific size and then roll up anything that seems too long rather than risking a pair of pants that just don’t fit.

Can absolutely get a little pricey

If there is a major concern about the Mountain Khakis Original Mountain Pants, it would have to be the price tag. Deftly more expensive than you would expect to pay for pair khakis, and even more expensive than Carhart pants, you might feel like you’re getting a little cheated. Trust me though, wearing these for an afternoon or even better yet a week will show you just exactly what you been missing this whole time.

Mountain Khakis Original Mountain Hiking Pants Specs

Best use: Casual
Fabric: Cotton canvas
Sun-protective fabric?: No
Waterproof: No
Moisture wicking: No
Quick drying: No
Inseam (in.): 34 inches
Insulated: No
Convertible: No
Side cargo pockets: No
Gender: Mens
MSRP: $79.95


A dream pair of pants for the road or the woods once broken in, hopefully this Mountain Khakis Original Mountain Pants review has turned you on to your very next outerwear purchase.

Written by Stan Tyan