Evolv Cruzer Mens Approach Shoes

With the Evolv Cruzer Men’s shoes you can literally become a human Spiderman. Purpose built for smearing, this is the best of the best when staring a sheer rock face in the eyes and still wanting to hit the top.

Evolv Cruzer Mens Approach Shoes Review

One of the real challenges that most outdoor gear and approach shoe reviews are really struggling with is how to compare these Evolv Cruzer Mens shoes to anything else on the market. Literally a product that has designed its own little niche within a niche, there is just nothing like these on the planet.

I know, I know. This probably sounds like a whole bunch of marketing hype. The kind of stuff that you hear every single day about any new technology or innovation that hits the climbing world. But hear me out: this is different. These Evolv Cruzer Mens shoes are different.

Evolv Cruzer Review — First Impressions

Designed to give you the aesthetics of a ninja with the capabilities of those same ancient warriors, these approach shoes wouldn’t look terribly out of place cruising through the airport or stopping off to grab coffee. Not that you’d want to use them for doing any of that, as the super purpose built soul specifically for climbing and can wear easily when abused, but if you find that it’s run out of its tackiness you can absolutely beat around on them as a casual pair of shoes.

Evolv Cruzer Approach Shoes Video Review

A hidden gem

It’s important to understand though that these are not casual shoes, no matter how much they try to look like them. With a precision fit in the kind of super technology in rubber that you just don’t see in everyday products, these are the ultimate in approach shoes that you are going to find. One of those super shoes that comes around once in every generation, it might be a stretch to say that the shoes will literally revolutionize the art of climbing forever, but then again it might not be too much of a stretch once you hear everything that they are capable of.

A super smear campaign

One of the things you look for most in a good set of approach shoes is their ability to smear. For you newbie climbers out there, smearing is literally taking your foot, smooshing it against the side of a mountain, using a little downward pressure to force a strong bond, and scaling the wall like Spiderman. The way it works is that the specially designed rubber on the bottoms of Evolv Cruzer Mens shoes works to make micro and miniature bonds in every single crack, crevice, and indent in the rock. These bonds become incredibly strong with just the slightest amount of downward pressure, allowing you to get a foothold where it would never be possible otherwise. All it takes is a little upward pressure to suck your foot off the wall so that you can re-approach and smear again.

Find the edge

Another area that you can a while use the specific Evolv Cruzer Mens shoes in is going to be in technical edging. You’re going to need a pretty tight fit, but with the proper fit you can edge like a dream in these. Now, you won’t be able to edge quite as well as some other shoes on the marketplace, but they are not purpose built for edging. Specifically designed as an approach shoe, you’ll still be able to suck to small edges, just not the most microscopic of edges.

Superstrong with proper maintenance

While the shoes are incredibly durable and deftly reliable, you’re going to want to make sure that you take good care of your shoes and treat them like the prized possessions that they are. This is not the kind of shoe that you want to beat on by doing some serious hiking or hoping through the woods, and if you have the option you should wear something else on the hike in and only strapped these on when you getting ready to make your approach. Other than that the issues are pretty devoid of any real problems, and had the capacity to change the way you think about climbing.

Evolv Cruzer Review Specs

Upper Material: cotton canvas
Lining: microfiber
Sole: Trax rubber
Closure: laces
Midsole: soft microporous
Footbed: microfiber lined memory foam
Recommended Use: getting to the crag
Manufacturer Warranty: limited lifetime
MSRP: $74.95


As good-looking as it gets, these are some serious shoes and need to be treated such. While they do run a little bit tight, you will want to make sure that you order a true size so that you’ll be able to edge properly. All of the Evolv Cruzer Mens shoes reviews out there are absolutely raving about them in just one approach all on your own will turn you into a crazed fan as well.

Written by Stan Tyan