Latest Tech Gear

It’s never possible to have too many safety devices when you take to the woods, and when they are simple and straightforward (not to mention as cheap and compact) as the Spot 2 Satellite Messenger, you’d be foolish not to leverage it. Designed to help you out in a jam – or just to check in with all of your social network friends as you find a new secret spot – having this signaler on your will change the way you explore forever.

Super simple and straightforward, the Goal Zero Nomad 7 is the easiest solar panel to use on the market. As close to self-sufficiency as you’d hope to find in the middle of the woods – while giving you all the juice you need to keep your electronics humming, this is a great buy.

A smart tracker purposefully built to find people lost in the woods or in an avalanche, the power of the Pieps DSP Smart Transmitter cannot be understated. One of the most reliable machines on the market (especially for the price), this is the beacon of choice for a number of folks all over the world.

A powerful handled GPs unit that will help you stay safe no matter where you are, having the Garmin ETrex 20 in your pack allows you to tackle unfamiliar landscapes with little concern at all. Smartly designed and accurate, this is a must have for anyone looking to do some serious backpacking.

As far as helmet cameras go, the entire industry begins and ends with the GoPro Hero2. Sure, there are other people in the space offer cameras, but all of them are light years behind the lead dog in the industry.