Latest Climbing Gear

Regardless of whether or not you’re actually trying to be a human Spiderman, action hero, or just looking to punch it out in a rundown and beat up rock gym, the all-new Five Ten Team VXi Climbing Shoe with MI6 Rubber should be more than adequate to tackle whatever comes at you.

The Suunto Core Altimeter Watch is a proper timepiece for the serious adventurer. Offering all of the mission critical date you’d need on a purpose built piece of equipment without getting the way, this is a watch you can rely on to help you train and push yourself to new heights – literally.

Some of the wildest looking shoes you’ll find anywhere – in the outdoor and backpacking world or otherwise – the Vibram FiveFingers KSO are purpose built equipment to give you the ultimate barefoot experience while still offering some protection. Some of the best shoes on the market for taking your fitness to the highest levels when “going primal”, you’ll totally notice these shoes the moment you slip them on – and so will everyone else you run into.

With the Evolv Cruzer Men’s shoes you can literally become a human Spiderman. Purpose built for smearing, this is the best of the best when staring a sheer rock face in the eyes and still wanting to hit the top.

The perfect edger and a product used by some of the best technical climbers in the world, this is a complete option for anyone looking to take their efforts to the next level. Pros choose the La Sportiva Miura for it’s incredible edging ability, and you’ll see why as soon as you strap them on.

If you’re in need of an upgrade to your current sling system or are looking to make sure you start off with the best the industry has to offer, it would be impossible to go without the super high tech weave, strength, ease of use and durability that comes with the Trango Ultratape.

As far as quickdraw carabiners go, there is nothing on the planet as easy to use as the Black Diamond Oz. Especially helpful in a pinch, this is an essential tool on your harness. A little pricey but definitely effective.

Coming in at just 9.7 mm, it’ll shock you just how strong and durable this climbing rope really is. Even still, it’s more than adequate for any kind of climbing you’d like to do and definitely ready to tackle any face you’re ready to.

A full frame and traditional sized carabiner, the Wild Country Helium feels and operates like a much lighter tool would. Combine that with one of the most innovative and smart locking and wire gate setup and you have a tool that deserves a prominent spot and every single one of your climbing harnesses.

An effective auto blocker, you’ll need to do a bit of searching to uncover whether or not you’ll need the Kong GiGi. One of the most effective belays for anyone but a lead climber, this is a system you can really rely on.

As far as climbing helmets go, there is nothing in the world like the CAMP Armour. The best of the best and supremely comfortable, you might take to wearing it around the house at odd intervals just because it feels that good.

As close as it gets to perfection (with a bargain basement price to boot), you would have to be a little crazy not to go all in for the Black Diamond Momentum AL climbing harness.

Ultralight and minimalist campers and day trippers are becoming more and more common and people get in touch with the outdoors as they really are. One of the best packs available for hauling in just enough stuff to make it worth it without overloading yourself, the REI Flash 18 is an ultralight’s best friend in the backpack world.