Latest Camping Gear

Designed and developed from one of the most reliable names in cold weather gear in Nemo Equipment, this bag is rated to keep you nice and toasty even up to -40°F. Yeah, I said it, -40°F. In case you weren’t aware, that is cold enough to really freeze your spit as it comes out of your mouth.

While you may think that the last thing the world needs is another mummy sleeping bag cluttering up the marketplace, that’s just because you haven’t seen the specs on the all new Sea To Summit Spark Sp1 Ultra-Dry Down Sleeping Bag.

If you’re serious about cooking and want to make sure that you don’t ever have to miss a high quality meal regardless of where your camping or wilderness adventures take you, you need to seriously look at what this multi-range and three independent heat zone cook tool can offer.

Camp Chef Everest is a purpose built machine to give you total and complete flexibility to cook just about anything you’d ever want to form the comfort of your own campsite. A dream to use and easy on the propane – even for a beast this large – you’ll definitely enjoy this cook stove.

As far as sleeping bags go – especially mummy bags filled with down – you are almost always looking at a steep price tag that is too much for the casual climber or overnight camper. But the Kelty Cosmic Down 20 aims to change all of that the moment you slip inside of it.

Easily one of the best tents when it comes to the ultralight category of shelters, you would be hard up to find any negative tent reviews about the Tarptent Double Rainbow. Lightweight, super durable, and more than capable, the biggest problem you will have with the Tarptent Double Rainbow is being able to buy one – so in demand, there is almost always a waiting list for these simple shelters.