Camp Chef Everest Camping Stove

Camp Chef Everest is a purpose built machine to give you total and complete flexibility to cook just about anything you’d ever want to form the comfort of your own campsite. A dream to use and easy on the propane – even for a beast this large – you’ll definitely enjoy this cook stove.

Camp Chef Everest Camping Stove Review

When it comes to backpacking camp cooking stoves, the conversation usually begins and ends with Coleman. Long hailed as one of the titans of the industry, Coleman has recently been getting some serious push and pressure from Everest Camp stoves. And while a number of the Everest Camp stove offerings are fine products indeed, none of them can quite top the ability and range of the Camp Chef Everest.

Camp Chef Everest Review — First Impressions

When you first put your hands on the Camp Chef Everest, it’s a little tough not to be taken aback by the size of this bad boy. While packing along the camp stove is not exactly high priority for people into the light weight or ultralight backpacking game, folks who are looking for more extended and relaxed days into the wilderness will enjoy the convenience and comfort.

Camp Chef Everest Video Review

This is absolutely a big stove – but offers extreme cooking options

Why you might be a little hard-pressed to find anyone looking to whip up gourmet meals in the middle of a campsite, if you wanted to try your luck the Camp Chef Everest would be a prime candidate for just that. Coming in at 24 X 14 x 4.5”and weighing just north of 13 pounds this has a bit of have to it for certain. The reason it’s so big simply the entire product has been designed from the ground up to give you complete and total cooking comfort. We’re talking about an actual cooking surface of 10 x 20” and if you’re new to the backpacking or outdoors world, this is comparable to having a full line commercial range at your campsite. Of course, you’ll need some serious BTU output to heat up this monster, and thankfully the Camp Chef Everest is a high output unit. Pushing between 20,000 and 40,000 BTUs for each burner, not only will your stove heat up in record time but it will also produce and even and powerful cooking heat across all of your cookware. While it might seem a little bit silly to bust out the old mess while cooking on this unit (the Camp Chef Everest looks like it would be more at home with high-end stainless steel pans), you’ll be able to repair coffee in seconds rather than minutes and entire meals in record speed. This of course means that you use of a bit more fuel than you would with a Coleman or other small cook stoves, but all in all this is a pretty efficient machine and won’t run up the cost of ownership too terribly high.

The construction is solid, but still feels a little “light”

While the entire unit is made of stainless steel high-end metals, it still feels a bit wobbly even when placed on a totally sturdy surface. This is not to say that the unit feels cheap or chintzy, action feels very well-made and performs like a dream, just that it doesn’t have the same sort of heft you would expect from a 13 pound unit. The only other negative that you can take away from this particular cooking stove is simple fact that the propane hook up lines felt a bit cheap. This is not to say that they are unsafe or not created to a high standard, simply that they just felt like an accident was waiting to happen at times. While most people set up their camp stove in a less trafficked area, if you’re out for a night of adult beverages and stumble out of your tent ,the last thing you’d want to do is kick out the propane tank.

Camp Chef Everest Specs

Best use Camping
Fuel type Canister
Fuel Propane
Auto ignition Yes
Heat output (Per burner) 20,000 british thermal units
Burn time (max flame) Unavailable
Average boil time? 4 minutes
Dimensions 22 x 13.5 x 4.25 inches
Distance between burners 12 inches
Cold weather use? Unavailable
Stove stability Excellent
Pot stability? Excellent
Ability to simmer Unavailable
Weight 10 pounds
MSRP: $109.95


As far as camp stoves go, you might still have a hard time shaking loose Coleman stalwarts, but if you’re up for a little bit of change to see what’s new in the industry (and also looking for extreme cooking power), then you do no better than the brand-new Camp Chef Everest. One of the essential components for any long trip or weekend outdoor getaway, this is right up there with the best of the best.

Written by Stan Tyan