CAMP Armour Climbing Helmet

As far as climbing helmets go, there is nothing in the world like the CAMP Armour. The best of the best and supremely comfortable, you might take to wearing it around the house at odd intervals just because it feels that good.

CAMP Armour Climbing Helmet Review

While every piece of climbing safety gear is absolutely essential, special attention needs to be paid to the helmet that you choose to use whenever you climb. Too often people are found on the mountain or in the gym climbing around without proper safety equipment, and while some of the most experience free climbers swear by this technique, newbies can only do themselves and their skills serious damage by cutting corners. Luckily, if you invest in the CAMP Armour you’ll not only be getting the best of the best in protection and comfort but also the kind of helmet that feels like it disappears while using.

CAMP Armour Review — First Impressions

If you’ve been looking for a climbing helmet that you don’t have to fight with to stay on your head, stay out of your eyes, keep from riding off the back of your head, or otherwise jostling around then you need look no further than the CAMP Armour. One of the few solutions on the marketplace that is actually comfortable enough to wear even when you’re not climbing about or hitting the gym and are just sitting on the ground, the CAMP Armour helmet may as well be called the CAMP Comfort. Literally one of the most comfortable helmets on the marketplace, it’s one of a handful of products that holds the distinction of disappearing as you use it.

CAMP Armour Video Review

Premium comfort without a premium price tag

Seriously, you might feel like I’m touting the comfort of this specific helmet from the top of a mountain and in all seriousness it should feel that way. There is no other helmet on the market that feels this good. Not too hot, not too awkward, not ill fitting, this is literally the promised land of helmets. Using an open cell phone for the interior that molds itself and secures itself to your noggin, most of the climbing helmet reviews out there talk specifically and profusely about how often they smile as they snug on their new CAMP Armour. There are literally only a handful of products on the marketplace that have this kind of reaction, and anyone that stride to fit a lesser climbing helmet to the top there had understands exactly what am talking about.

Sleek design

The other thing that’s really going to impress you when you get a good look at the all-new CAMP Armour is the sheer range of vibrant colors and looks that the CAMP Armour has in its product line. While most climbing helmets are anything but showstoppers, the people at CAMP definitely understand that climbers are people were trying to stand out, and they create helmets to help them do just that. While you might not be interested in taking your brand-new CAMP Armour to the prom or to anyone’s wedding in the near future, you’ll catch a few envious glances from your fellow climbers.

Super durability keeps your head safe

While a full durability test could only be done by pitching myself off of a mountain face and landing on the top my head, I’ll take the people at CAMP’s word that their helmet is amazingly durable. Just holding the helmet in your hand feels like you’re holding something well-built super strong, and the materials seem to prove what we weren’t able to test. The hard shell plastic is still flexible enough to squeeze with your hands, though it bends much less than most other (even more expensive) climbing helmet options out there. While I don’t know the specific chemistry or engineering behind this product, it certainly feels like something I would trust my safety with.

Though the CAMP Armour is close to perfect, is not without its downsides

If this climbing helmet review seems like I’ve been preaching from the mountain top about the benefits of the CAMP Armour, that is because I have that. This is not to say that the helmet is not without its downsides. The most specific thing that you need to be aware of is the fact that it is easily the heaviest helmets class. And while this is really only a half-ounce heavier than the next heaviest helmet in the class, it’s deftly carrying around the most weight. That might seem like a deal breaker for some climbers looking to strip down as close to natural as possible, we go right back to the comfort of the helmet. All this weight is evenly distributed across the helmet, making it feel super lightweight. A number of climbing helmet reviews across the web originally thought that this was the lightest helmet the class, and were shocked to find that it’s in fact at the opposite end of the spectrum. This is just another testament to how perfectly designed and lightweight this equipment is.

CAMP Armour Specs

Best use Climbing
Head circumference 54 60 centimeters
Weight 355 grams
Gender Mens
MSRP: $59.95


Easily one of the best wall climbing helmets you can put your money on, the CAMP Armour has been popping up on mountain faces all over the world. While it’s not exactly the most traditional looking helmet on the marketplace, that’s not a bad thing. The moment you put this on your head you feel the difference, don’t be surprised if this is one of the last helmet purchases you ever make.

Written by Stan Tyan