Top 10 Backpacking Backpacks Of 2016

Top 10 Backpacking Backpacks Of 2016

Choosing from amongst the literally thousands of different options when it comes to backpacks is never easy. While most of us believe having endless choices mean we have more and more options when it comes to picking a bag, fact of the matter is that all of these different configurations and special features serve to paralyze us from selecting the ideal back. Every time we learn about a new proprietary feature that one bag has that another doesn’t, we are left with a tough decision to make and when you find that feeling multiplied by hundreds or even thousands of different choices things can get overwhelming really quickly.

While we outlined what you have to do to choose the right backpack for you in a previous article, you want to be sure to refer to that list as you go through what we believe of the top 10 backpacking backpacks on the market today. This list is current as of early 2013, and I’m sure we’ll update it as time goes on and new bags become available to make sure that you always have the best options.

Berghaus Jalan II 60 + 15 Liter Backpacker Rucksack

Berghaus Jalan II Backpack

One of the most flexible and high-capacity backpacking backpacks you’ll find on the market, there’s a lot to love in the Berghaus Jalan II. Offered in multiple sizes depending on whether or not your man or woman, you’ll find everything you need is able to the packed inside of this midsize backpacking bag. There are number different options and special features you can select when ordering them, but the baseline model is definitely the one you should shoot for.

Gregory Jade 50 Liter Outdoor Backpack

Gregory Jade 50 Backpack

One of the oldest and most respected names in outdoor backpacks, and a company that has been creating specific purpose outdoor and backpacking bags for over three decades, you said we cannot go wrong when you choose to invest in the Gregory Jade 50 Outdoor Backpack. Purpose built for multi-day trips or packing in a serious amount of gear, you’ll find more than enough capacity for even the longest trip when you decide to go with this bag. Combine that with an incredibly comfortable harness system that helps you forget the way is even there, this is absolutely a top bag.

Osprey Farpoint 55 Liter Convertible Travel Backpack

Osprey Farpoint 55 Convertible Travel Pack

A somewhat smaller bag than the two above, there is still a lot to like when you invest in the Osprey Farpoint. With a much more casual appearance, this is the kind of bag that easily transitions from backpacking or climbing duty to just beating around the city.

Kelty Redwing 50 Liter Panel-Loading Multiday Hiking Backpack

Kelty Redwing 50 Liter Panel-Loading Multiday Hiking Backpack

The complete opposite of the smaller Osprey listed above, this nothing small about the Kelty Redwing 50 Hiking Backpack. In fact, even the zippers are oversized for easy access. A popular bag that you’ll see a lot all up and down the Appalachian Trail every single year, the Redwing is a purpose built hiking bag specifically designed to haul everything (including the kitchen sink).

High Peak Pocatello 70 Liter Backpack

High Peak Pocatello 70 Liter Internal Frame Backpack

While you might not believe it, there is an even bigger bag on this list than the Redwing above. In this is it, the High Peak Pocatello 70 Backpack. Designed with an incredible and almost unbelievable 5000 cubic inch capacity, this is a monster. This is for the backpackers who are definitely tackling the Appalachian Trail round-trip, and want to bring everything plus the neighbor’s kitchen sink.

TETON Sports Fox 5200 75+10 Liter Backpack

TETON Sports Fox 5200 75+10 Liter Backpack

Crashing back down to earth, we have a much more reasonably sized backpack for people are looking to make daytrips or just have a casual bag they can carry around town. The Teton Sports Fox 75+10L comes complete with the rain cover that stows away easily as well as a hydration packs leave, all in a casual yet futuristic looking bag.

High Sierra Long Trail 90 Liter Pack

High Sierra Long Trail 90 Internal Frame Backpack

The biggest bag on the list, this bad boy is purpose built for major trips and evenly distributing a lot of weight all across your body. Smart purchase, though not as good as the ones above, it still hits the list of top 10.

Mountainsmith Circuit 3.0 82 Liter Backpack

Mountainsmith Circuit 3.0 Internal Frame Backpack

Complete with an internal frame that evenly distributes away all over your body this is the kind of backpack you can rely on over long hauls. A relative newcomer to the game, you won’t be disappointed with the Mountainsmith Circuit 3.0 Internal Frame Backpack.

Kelty Lakota 85 Liter Backpacking Backpack

Kelty Lakota 85 Trail Hiking Backpack

Bill designed for at least weeklong excursions, if you’re looking for quality, you don’t have to look much farther than Kelty bags. This is a fine product that gives you total versatility to haul just about anything.

Arc’teryx Altra 65 Backpacking Backpack

Arc’teryx Altra 65 Backpacking Backpack

Extremely comfortable and very well designed. This is the kind of backpacking backpacks you can rely on for those big adventures with lots of payloads. It looks awesome and very durable and you can trust it with your other outdoor gear and accessories, as well as your hard earned money. A favorite of world travelers and digital nomads alike, Arc’teryx Altra 65 is simple and compact enough to slip into the overhead of most airlines, while also offering you complete total flexibility to stow all of your outdoor gear.