Black Diamond Trail Back Trekking Poles

Black Diamond has been known for producing some of the best equipment in the world, but you’ll really feel it and see it in action when you have a pair of Trail Backs on your pack. Easy to carry when not using, telescoping and locking in seconds, you’d have to be crazy to go with anything else.

Black Diamond Trail Back Trekking Poles Review

If you’re serious about trekking through the woods, then you know how much of a dramatic difference a set of well-made high performance trekking polls can make. And while there are a number different offers on the marketplace right now (as well as the old trusty downed wood found on the trail), serious outdoorsman rate the Black Diamond Trail Backs some of the very best trekking poles in the world. Offering real stability, super reliability, and total comfort this is the kind of stick you can rely on.

Black Diamond Trail Back — First Impressions

Right out of the box, the Black Diamond Trail Back are incredibly noticeable for just how much shorter they are than other hiking sticks. Compact and incredibly lightweight, the sticks are close to 3 inches shorter than almost all other solutions on the marketplace when packed up. This incredible great news for ultralights, climbers were looking to do some serious huffing to get to their favorite spots, and anyone looking to tackle the Appalachian Trail. While a lot of people in the outdoor world have taken to modifying or Jerry rigging their own set up from cross-country skis, the Black Diamond Trail Back are absolutely purpose built and intentionally made products to give you the leverage you need on long hikes. There’s nothing more important than making sure you have everything you need to get from point A to point B when you’re out the woods, and the sticks make sure that happens.

Black Diamond Trail Back Video Review

Super comfort offers super performance

If you haven’t been getting into the outdoor world for too terribly long, it can be almost all too easy to ignore how much easier trekking poles make hikes. Too many people think these things are little more than canes, and couldn’t be more wrong. While it might not seem like too much on the surface, just the addition of purpose built poles can totally change the weight distribution and stability you feel while navigating terrain. If you’ve been out in the woods for any amount of time you’re going to learn just how important leverage really is. Rated amongst the very highest when it comes to comfort and control, the Black Diamond Trail Back poles are sticks you cannot ignore. With three section telescoping units a locking system that is the best in the business (and the most easy and straightforward to use), you can have these unpacked and ready to go and then repacked and stowed away inside of seconds. The most reliable allies the long-distance treks, this is an essential component to your gear you cannot ignore.

There just isn’t much to dislike about these poles

There always downsides and trade-offs to any piece of outdoor Quitman you purchase or invest in, but you’d be hard-pressed to find one when you’re talking about the Black Diamond Trail Back. Just about every single hiking review or climber review out there touts this is one of the very best poles you could invest in. Some have complained that they are a little bit heavier than some sets of sticks out there, and that handgrips are not as comfortable as they could be, but the overwhelming majority of people feel that this is the real deal when it comes to hiking sticks.

Black Diamond Trail Back Specs

Usable Range: 27 55 in
Collapsed Length: 25 in
Shaft: aluminum
Grip: rubber
Tip: low flex
Locking Mechanism: Double FlickLock
Included Baskets: yes, low-profile , powder
Weight: (pair) 1 lb 4 oz
Recommended Use: hiking, backpacking
Manufacturer Warranty: 1 year
MSRP: $79.95


One of the best-selling products out there in the hiking, climbing, camping world, the Black Diamond Trail Back are a prime investment if you’re serious about extending your range when out and about. Super compact, relatively lightweight, and with one of the most stable and powerful locking systems available on the market, these are the kind of sticks you can trust to get you around when you’re out the woods. Though the grips can be a little bit uncomfortable at first, they are easily replaceable and in just a few seconds you can have your old favorites clamped on the new sticks and ready to go. If you’re exceptionally tall you may not find these to be the most comfortable poles, but if you are of average height and are looking for serious and stable platform to help you get around you will find anything better. Camping and hiking reviews agree, this is the very best of the best. Black Diamond Trail Back hiking poles that you can trust.

Written by Stan Tyan