Black Diamond Oz Quickdraw

As far as quickdraw carabiners go, there is nothing on the planet as easy to use as the Black Diamond Oz. Especially helpful in a pinch, this is an essential tool on your harness. A little pricey but definitely effective.

Black Diamond Oz Quickdraw Review

An essential piece of any climbers load out, there are couple of things that you look for in a quickdraw. Speed, comfort, and usability all trump just about everything else when it comes to the very best quickdraw products, and you find that the Black Diamond Oz more than stacks up in those essential criteria.

Black Diamond Oz Quickdraw Review — First Impressions

When choosing climbing equipment, it’s always best to look for tools that have multiple purposes and can decrease the amount of gear you have hanging up your harness. Easily the lightweight and super durable of all quickdraws, the Black Diamond Oz fits the bill across-the-board. One of the major issues facing almost all climbers (whether they’re hitting the wall or climbing a rock face) is running out carabiners when you need them the most. There’s only so much room on a harness, and even the best of the best are limited by the space that they have. Using a dual action quickdraw that is superlight and incredibly versatile is mission critical when you getting serious about climbing as fast –but safe as possible, nothing tightens a rack faster than the Black Diamond Oz.

Black Diamond Oz Quickdraw Video Review

Might not be anything lighter on the market

Toting around a bucketful a carabiners hang of your belt is probably not the ideal set up for most climbers, but it’s something that almost everyone has to deal with when the tackling a new ascent. One of the best ways to avoid all this is to slip on some of the superlight weight carabiners to remove the problem of weight forever. The is as light weight of a set up as you’re going to find, with the Black Diamond Oz holding three figure 8 knots better than anything and it will not unclip from bolt hangers the way other quickdraws will. This offers you an incredible amount of functionality without having to load yourself down with too much gear, uncomplicated and un-cluttering your harness making climbing as easy and breezy as you always hoped it would be. If you tackling and ascent like an Alpine or looking at something that has a lot of pivots, you’re searching and looking for the lightest gear that you can find to tax your body as little as possible. This is the kind of edge you been hunting for.

Small enough to stay out of the way but big enough to grab easily

When using larger carabiner set up like this, it can almost become too easy to get tangled up and confused with what you’re using. Black Diamond Oz takes all of the major issues by being just small enough to stay out of the way while not being so small that you cannot effectively grab and clip every single time. While other quickdraw setups can be a little bit difficult to handle more than enough trouble to clip,the Black Diamond Oz (as backed up by most climbing gear reviews) is a dream to handle.

Don’t get hung up on the Black Diamond Oz hang-ups

Like most all wire gate carabiners, the mouth of the wire can often get hung up on bolt hangers (especially the older style with the smaller holes) when you’re going up steep routes. This probably isn’t a big deal for most of your climbing, but something the need to be considered. Somewhat narrow and pretty thin, the low profile of this carabiner tucks away easily and can be a bit of a hassle to grab behind stacked gear. You want to hang this from a smart place on your harness to make sure that you have easy access, and you should look to keep it free clear of all other hangers.

Black Diamond Oz Quickdraw Specs

Sling Material: Dyneema
Gate Type Rope End: wire
Gate Type Bolt End: wire
Carabiner Strength: (major axis) 20 kN, (minor axis) 8 kN, (open) 7 kN
Weight: 2.2 oz
Recommended Use: sport climbing
Manufacturer Warranty: 1 year
MSRP: $19.95


A pretty extensive set up for sure, the Black Diamond Oz has been touted as one of the best of the best pieces of equipping you could have by a number of different outdoor gear reviews and climbing gear reviews. If you seriously looking about shedding weight from your rack while still keeping super versatility the ability to scale close at hand, you need to look at the Black Diamond Oz and what it has to offer.

Written by Stan Tyan

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