Black Diamond Momentum AL Climbing Harness

As close as it gets to perfection (with a bargain basement price to boot), you would have to be a little crazy not to go all in for the Black Diamond Momentum AL climbing harness.

Black Diamond Momentum AL Climbing Harness Review

If you’ve been looking for a brand-new climbing harness and are faced with the same economic challenges that we’ve all been struggling with in this current economy, you’ve probably been looking at budget based solutions. And while most often people think of budget based solutions as an almost useless product or a simple stopgap to get you through until you could spend more money on a real deal solution, nothing could be farther from the truth. Especially when you talking about the Black Diamond Momentum AL climbing harness.

Black Diamond Momentum AL Review — First Impressions

The first thing you’re going to notice right off the bat about the Black Diamond Momentum AL is how well made a climbing harness it really is. For people brand new to climbing or even intermediate and advanced climbers, there is literally nothing else better on the market especially when you consider the price tag. Clocking in at just $50, it would be next to impossible to find anything like it in the same budget based price level, and literally nothing like it when it comes to quality and functionality. You’d have to spend a lot more money to get only a handful more features, and to be honest it’s really not worth it when you have something so exceptional in the Black Diamond Momentum AL

Black Diamond Momentum AL Video Review

Superior comfort

When you think of a climbing harness, you’re most likely thinking of a safety device you need to rely on the scale the faces of mountains or the rock gym. And though some people are more interested in finding a harness that they can sense, is squeezing them securely, and gives them that safety belt kind of feeling, the best professionals in the climbing business are always looking for a safety harness that fades into the background. Offering you the kind of comfort and control that literally no other harness on the market can, the Black Diamond Momentum AL is the ideal solution for people looking for the feeling they get while free climbing while still be securely hitched to a safety system. With leg hoops designed for complete adaptability for just about any size, height, or weight this is a safety harness can rely on.

Incredible design

The most powerful expression of design in any product is something that keeps functionality number one and looks number two. The Black Diamond Momentum AL stays true to that ethos, making sure that all the gear loops, trail line loop, and a massive belay loop are all in the right places without getting in your way. Rigid enough to offer you serious stability and super simple to clip into, all of the gear loops are right next to each other to make for easy access. There is no simpler form of climbing than when you have everything ready your fingertips without having to think about. If you’re looking to scale some serious rock, it’s the Black Diamond Momentum AL or nothing.

No self-locker

If there was a major shortcoming for this budget based harness, it has to be the almost inexcusable lack of a self-locking and speed adjusting buckle on the waist belt. Almost all other Black Diamond harnesses have self-locking buckles, which makes it even more confusing that this one does not. While not too big of an issue or a deal breaker by any means, it would’ve been nice to see this kind of feature added to such an inexpensive package.

Black Diamond Momentum AL Specs

Best use Climbing
Average weight? - metric 405 grams
Fits waist 27 39 inches
Padded waist Yes
Leg loop size 18 28 inches
Padded leg loops Yes
Adjustable leg loops Yes
Droppable leg loops Yes
Gear loops 4 loops
Belay loop Yes
Gender Unisex
MSRP: $45.99


If you’re serious about getting in some rock time want to make sure that you have the best possible harness money can buy, then he might not be looking to terribly hard at the Black Diamond Momentum AL. But if you’re just getting started orare a weekend climber looking to have some fun without breaking the bank, then this is the perfect harness for you. Climbing gear reviews all over the web tout this as one of the best trainers whether you’re in the gym or actually scaling a face, and you’d be hard-pressed to find too many people unhappy with the construction and versatility offered by the Black Diamond Momentum AL.

Written by Stan Tyan